A downloadable Meeting Preparation Guide is now available. Filled with all the best tips and advice to help you prepare for your meetings with agents and managers. From the days before, the day of and the days after. Plus our advice on Actors Online.


An actors reel is one of the most important tools you have to get represenation, auditions and book work. You need a clean, professional reel, that is easy to email and download, highlighting your best work. This service is for actors who already have footage and need them editing into one video. 



This service is for actors needing their resumes designed/printed. You will receive a pdf version of your resume as well as 50 prints on 8x10 paper.



Finding representation is hard and that is why we created this business to help. Sometimes it takes a second email to get their attention. This reorder service is for clients who have already used one of our services. We can make adjustments to your cover letter, resume, contact list.