A monthly online audition practice class. Each week subscribers will receive a mock audition that they will self tape and email to us. We will breakdown your audition and give you feedback, highlighting areas of your craft you need to work on and how.

The class is designed to be as close to a real self tape audition as possible so we can work on your actual audition technique

and craft, away from the comfort of a classroom and teacher.



The service helps actors train their audition technique, line learning skills and widens their knowledge on craft and text. Each actor will receive personal feedback focusing on their technique, craft, voice, self taping skills and more. 




Receive an audition breakdown and sides. ​


Audition deadline.​


Receive feedback including personal advice on how to improve your audition technique and craft. 

Each actor will be given audition pieces from plays, films, tv shows etc. We will cover well known text as well as new material. 

This service is great to strengthen your audition skills and gain confidence for future auditions!​

Audition Workout

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