The Agent Package includes:

  • 80 Cover Letters to Agents

  • 80 Addressed Labels to Agents

  • 80 8x10 Resumes

  • 80 Return Labels

  • Instruction Sheet

  • Check List

  • Bonus: Meeting Preparation Guide

  • Resume Design, Headshot Advice and Contact Selection

The Agent Package

  • The Package is designed to help you get meetings with Managers and Agents in Los Angeles. Due to the high number of submissions Managers and Agents receive, they are unable to respond to all those seeking representation. They will make contact if they wish to arrange a meeting. Our job here at The Actors Service is to guide you and make you stand out at your best, with professional cover letters and resumes. We can not guarantee any contracts will be signed and we can not guarantee any meetings. Hollywood is one of the toughest industries out there, that is why we focus on supporting actors. If you receive no meetings, or unhappy with the response from your letters we are more than happy to continue working with you at a discounted price. We're here to help you.