This email service to agents and managers include:

  • 150 emails (75 agents & 75 managers)

  • Professionally written cover letters

  • Redesigned resumes

  • Hand selected contacts best suited to your age and experience 

  • Check List to agents & managers

  • Bonus: Meeting Preparation eGuide

Agent & Manager Emails

  • This email service is for actors seeking representation. We send emails to agents and managers on behalf of our clients. All emails include: cover letters, resumes, headshots and links to websites and footage. The service includes professionally written cover letters, redesigned resumes, hand selected contacts best suited to your age and experience, sending of the emails, check list to agents and managers and a free downloadable Meeting Preparation Guide. This product is only availble in Los Angeles.

  • We have a no returns and no refund policy. Our service and work begins as soon as you order. If you receive no meetings, or don't find your ideal agent/manager we are able to make adjustments to your orginal service and send out more emails with a reorder.