The Actors Service is a company dedicated to the growth of an actors career. We help actors find representation as well as providing services for actors in order to build communication with Casting Directors in Los Angeles, New York City & London   


This email service is for actors seeking representation. We send emails to agents and managers on behalf of our clients. All emails include: cover letters, resumes, headshots & links to websites/reels.

This service is for actors seeking contact with casting directors. This is a great way to introduce yourself, update casting directors on what you are up to and to invite them to screenings/live performances.


A monthly online audition practice class. Each week subscribers will receive a mock audition that they will self tape and email to us. We will breakdown your audition and give you feedback, highlighting areas of your craft you need to work on and how.

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— Aurora

"Thanks to you, I got interviews with about 10 agents and managers,  I choose the one that fit me the best. And I just signed the contract yesterday. Thanks a lot."

We are based in Los Angeles

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 An actors reel is one of the most important tools you have to get represenation, auditions and book work. You need a clean, professional reel, that is easy to email and download, highlighting your best work. This service is for actors who already have footage and need them editing into one video.  

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